Many commercial contractors are perfectly capable of executing your vision; at Apex you'll find professionals who respect your time, budget, and partnership providing you with the quality new construction and build-out services you need. When you are starting a business or expanding, one of the biggest and most stressful aspects of your endeavor is making your space to fit the needs of both you and your potential customers. You want your commercial property to not only provide a usable atmosphere for you and your employees, but also an inviting experience for your clientele. As a full service contractor are responsible for the coordination, supervision, and execution of your project during all phases. We believe quality estimating and a fast-tracked mind-set are key elements to a successful project. In the unforgiving and relentless business environment; an energetic, enthusiastic, expert and efficient process are keys to the long-term mutual success and health of any construction project as an ongoing enterprise. Our repeat commercial client base is a testament to our ability when it comes to building corporate commercial office space and industrial projects.Let Apex be the builder you select to carry out your vision, turning it into reality.

New Construction

If you are planning to build a new commercial location for your business, there are a number of construction codes that must be met in order for your business to pass inspection. Apex Contracting, LLC has a thorough understanding of Maryland commercial construction and building codes and is licensed and bonded within the state. We are also licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC #95251). To help guarantee that your new commercial construction is done right, Apex will be on-site during the constructions progress and perform quality checks throughout the process.


Whether you are moving into an existing space at the local mall or setting up shop at the newest trendy commercial location, you will need to make your leased commercial space your own. Apex Contracting, LLC specializes in providing our customers with the highest-quality build-out services available in the Baltimore and DC areas. We can turn any commercial space into a store, office, or restaurant you can truly make your own. We understand that in order to get the job done, your construction project requires the proper planning, safety, and quality assurance by the contractor your hire. Apex Contracting, LLC will be on-site from the initial planning with the client to the projects completion to help ensure that all of the customers needs our met and that the commercial build-out is up to not only the state's specifications, but also our customers' high standards.