Bathroom Remodeling

In the past few years there has been a shift in the remodeling market. Homeowners are expressing a greater interest in bathroom design and décor than ever before. New materials combined with time tested techniques are making this an exciting period in bathroom remodeling. Suburban Remodeling works on all types of bathroom remodeling projects from very basic modernization of a space to complete dream room makeovers. We use no subcontractors and are consequently able to carefully manage the quality and timeline of all work on your project. In order to achieve tight timelines for our projects and to minimize homeowner inconvenience, we only work on one project at a time. Most of our bathrooms remodeling projects are completed in 7 days or less.

All Phases of your Project

We handle all phases of your project from design to finish trim and caulking. Our 30 years of experience are at your disposal every step of the way. The beginning of every project involves meeting with our professional design team. We take the time to thoroughly answer all of your questions and concerns. Options are reviewed for all elements of your project from room layout to functional elements like shower heads and whirlpool tubs. After a design is finalized we begin construction. On the morning of the first day on the jobsite we review your project with you and answer any last minute questions.

Getting Started

Tear out and demolition then begins and is usually completed the first day. After the old space has been cleaned up we immediately move on to any required changes in framing, electric, plumbing or heating. Preparations are made to accommodate additions to the room such as radiant flooring, a custom shower enclosure or changes in the position of a vanity.After the mechanics are completed we begin work on insulation and drywall. Major fixtures including tubs are then installed. Tile installation follows and is often the most interesting phase in a bathroom project. There are so many materials, decors and colors to choose from your options are endless. What Professionally designed and installed tile can truly transform your bathroom into a functioning work of art.


There are many places that you can certainly get ideas and samples, The Tile Shop or Mosaic Tile We also never rule out the chance for ideas or material at your local Home Depot or Lowes. We then install the rest of the bathroom fixtures from lighting and switches to faucets and door knobs. Our next step is completing the custom trim and woodwork for your new space. Many bathroom remodels today also include intricate crown and detail molding.

A bathroom is where you spend your day winding up and winding down. Be at home in your home!